torsdag 27. februar 2014

Brand new items for garden and bedroom on intro sales!

You probably know by now that Meshopotamia has moved across the PRIME region to a new and better store.
I'm still in setup mode, but believe you should be able to find your way around. Items are placed on all levels and also outside (where outdoor items belong)

The door in the entrance area leads to the back of the garage, where I'll drop off scraps, bits and pieces: Off season stuff, things I'm not sure what to do with etc. There might be some good bargains in the time to come.

The "Spring Forward" round at Creator's Market starts 1st March, and my items are already out:

Gardener's shed
New Item:  Yes
Bargain Price:  L$ 350
Regular Price:  L$ 700

Gardener's workbench
New Item:  Yes
Bargain Price:  L$ 500
Regular Price:  L$ 1000

Garden Greenhouse
New Item:  Yes
Bargain Price:  L$ 300
Regular Price:  L$ 600

All new and matching releases for the weekend bargains this week:

***Builders Bargains***

New Item:  Yes
Bargain Price:  L$ 600
Regular Price:  L$ 1200

Builders Bargains items are discounted only at the Creators market

***Steals and Deals***

New Item:  Yes
Sale Price: L$ 300
Regular Price: L$ 600

New Item:  Yes
Sale Price: L$ 200
Regular Price: L$ 400
***Super Sales Weekend***

New Item:  Yes
Sale Price: L 99
Regular Price: L 200   

tirsdag 18. februar 2014

Meshopotamia has moved!

Not far though, just across to the other side of the PRIME region, next to PRIME main store.
This parcel is both more visible, and better possibilities to demo outdoor items.
Here is your taxi!

torsdag 13. februar 2014

New shop, new meshes, new group gift, and weekend SALES!

Sometimes, everything seem to happen at once. -Like this week.
Mesh♉potamia has a new store at Creators Market, and that's where you'll have to go to find my first weekend offer:

The full Mission style garden furniture kit is on intro offer for Builders Bargains at the Creators market until Sunday. Individual parts are available, but not discounted.

For Super Sales Weekends I have a brand new classic ottoman half off until Sunday:

These vases are 60L each through Monday (My 60L Secret)

And last but not least: We have a new group gift!

Mesh♉potamia's VIP group is no longer free to join, but well worth the symbolic 50L joining fee, as every group gift will retail at 150L or more. If I decide to sell it, that is.
This month's gift is on sale for 150L (the displayed table is a vendor). Group members: Use the group vendor to get it for free!