fredag 14. mars 2014

Another new store building, and new releases on intro offers

Guess what? Meshopotamia has outgrown another store building!
The new store is in the same place as the last one, but larger, all on one level (for the time being), and with room to grow! Be prepared for changes and redecorations inside, though!

The coming week is your last chance for the "Spring Ahead" offers at Creators Market:
The items will be available at full price in the main store from next weekend.

***Builders Bargains*** (NEW releases)

I have had the joy and honor to work with Kat Alderson at Clutter this week.
Kat has made a set of animations to go with the Swing furniture.
Both Kat's and my Builder's Bargains items are for sale in each of our stalls at the Creators Market

New Item:  Yes
Bargain Price:  L$ 500 Regular Price:  L$ 1000
Separate parts are available at full price in both stores.

New Item:  Yes
Note: This is an add-on for the Swing Loveseat. No loveseat is included!
Bargain Price:  L$ 100 Regular Price:  L$ 200

***Steals and Deals*** (NEW releases)

Sale Price: L$600
Regular Price: L$1200

Sale Price: L$100
Regular Price: L$200

Sale Price: L$150
Regular Price: L$300

***Super Sales Weekend*** (NEW release)

I hereby admit that I made a big mistake last weekend: My SSW offer wasn't marked down!
So here it is again.

Sale Price: L 60
Regular Price: L 150

And a new one:
Sale Price: L 99
Regular Price: L 250

The SSW items are rather small and might not be easy to spot in the store. Look under the stairs!

Oh... I wasn't quite done.
We have a new group gift, and this one will be group exclusive!

The group gift is available from the group vendor in Meshopotamias mainstore.
Wear your tag and pay it 1L which will be returned.
Not a member? - There's a group joiner near the vendor. The cost is 50L, but that will soon be more than 50L saved, as group gifts either will be exclusives or retail for 150L or more.

Have a nice weekend!

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